Direct Sourcing: Don’t forget the Process!

As previously highlighted, Japan ranks as the world’s most difficult country to hire in according to ManpowerGroup’s annual talent shortage survey with the last survey showing 89% of companies having difficulty compared to the global average of 45%. An inability to hire impedes the ability to grow and with the race on, companies are paying higher and […]

RPO Models and the 50:50 Rule

We meet a lot of companies – both domestic and global – that struggle with their  dependence on expensive external agencies for hiring. Using agencies is just how things have always been in Japan and it is still surprising to me when I meet clients using agencies for near 100% of their hires. The stakeholders […]

The Importance of Employer Branding in Japan

As is widely known Japan is the world’s most difficult market for talent. I’ve made several posts explaining that not only is the visible talent pool extremely small but the recruiting talent skill set is not as advanced as other markets such as the US. This all results in Japan having a very low direct sourcing capability […]

Getting RPO Right: Next Generation Solutions

LET’S TAKE A LOOK AT WHERE THE JAPAN RPO MARKET IS HEADED. As outlined in my previous post there are some major maturity problems in the Japan recruitment market. There are not enough quality recruiters in-house, in agency or in RPO. Meanwhile, RPO providers tend to provide a weak solution that places the success or […]

The Japan RPO “Solution” & The Status Quo

THE TYPICAL RPO IN JAPAN STRUGGLES TO DELIVER ON EXPECTATION AND WE LOOK AT SOME OF THE FACTORS BEHIND THIS. I previously outlined the common problems behind the high cost of recruitment in Japan and argued that the chief problem is really a macro one related to the maturity (actually immaturity) of the Japan talent […]

The Japan Talent Pain Point: $$$$$

NOT ONLY DOES THE MARKET HAVE FEWER APPLICANTS THAN OTHER MARKETS, BUT THERE ARE FEWER HIGH QUALITY RECRUITERS WHEN COMPARED TO MORE MATURE TALENT ACQUISITION MARKETS. Japan is the world’s most difficult market to recruit talent in. Everyone should know this by now and the knowledge makes it easy to justify the exceptionally high costs […]

ManpowerGroup’s Annual Global Talent Survey (Tokyo Seminar)

LAST NIGHT WE HELD OUR FIRST SEMINAR TO DISCUSS FACTORS BEHIND JAPAN’S #1 RANKING AS THE WORLD’S MOST DIFFICULT MARKET TO RECRUIT IN. Given the bilingual audience we presented in English and the content was well received. Most attendee’s in fact were seeking exactly the kind of data points we shared in order to explain […]

PRESS RELEASE: One Company, One Vision

experis logo

日本語版は下に続きます。 August 17, 2016 MANPOWERGROUP STRENGTHENS SERVICE CAPABILITIES THROUGH BUSINESS INTEGRATION OF EXECUTIVE SEARCH SUBSIDIARIES INTEGRATION OF EXECUTIVE SEARCH SUBSIDIARIES INTO EXPERIS EXECUTIVE Workforce solutions company ManpowerGroup Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Yokohama, Kanagawa; Director, Representative Executive Officer and President: Masahiro Ikeda), announces the business integration of its subsidiaries Experis Technology Futures, Co., Ltd. and Experis Professional […]

Where are all the applicants?

I was reading some Japan Institute of Labour surveys (again) and created a graph to help illustrate the challenge of finding candidates in Japan. Every recruiter knows this struggle. Less than 8% of employees in Japan came into their job within the past year (survey from 2015) and over 45% of employees have been in […]

86 and Rising!

IT’S BEEN A YEAR TO THE DAY SINCE I POSTED THE “JAPAN RECRUITMENT: SHOW ME THE NUMBERS!” POST AND IT’S ABOUT TIME WE PROVIDED AN UPDATE. In citing the annual ManpowerGroup “Global Talent Shortage” survey of 2015, a year ago I cited the result that in 2015 a staggering 83% of hiring managers and HR professionals find […]