In our role as client representatives in the field, our style of engagement is all about long-term partnership. We don’t work with every company, but rather we work with the ones we believe in and for which we can make a difference.

For large-cap companies operating here in Japan, we work on strategic and business-critical searches where the message to the market is of high importance. For companies new to the Japan market, we have deep experience in assisting in the market entry phase and, in some cases, can introduce potential partners.

Our software clients are all starved for talent and the ability to access ManpowerGroup’s global network can be the boost they need. Meanwhile, for companies suffering time-to-fill or talent acquisition cost issues in Japan, we can also provide Onsite Services that significantly boost results.

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  • 89% of respondents rank Japan #1 “difficult to hire” compared to global average of 45%.
  • 12th out of 12 is Japan’s rank in Business English Index scores among Asian countries.
  • 44% of Japanese have been in the same company for 10 years or more.
  • 39th country by ranking of LinkedIn membership. Just 1.3% of Japanese are on LinkedIn compared to 38% of Americans.

Source: ManpowerGroup Survey, Pearson Business English Index,
Seventh World Youth Survey, LinkedIn

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