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«Overcoming Barriers to Entry»


89% of respondents rank Japan #1 “difficult to hire” compared to global average of 45%

12th out of 12 is Japan`s rank in Business English Index scores among Asian countries

44% of Japanese have been in the same company for 10 years or more 

39th country by ranking of LinkedIn membership. Just 1.3% of Japanese are on LinkedIn compared to 38% of Americans

Source: ManpowerGroup Survey, Pearson Business English Index, Seventh World Youth Survey, LinkedIn


«Exclusive & Primary Agent Status»

Experis Executive works with growth companies that provide job seekers with career possibilities that escape them in well-established, low growth organizations. We recognize your market value is intimately tied to the companies we promote.

The searches we work on are mostly "high value" or "business-critical" for our clients. These searches are only provided to agencies the client`s trust deeply to act as their spokespeople in the field. Therefore many of the searches we work on are exclusive to us and not any other agent.

High Value RPO

«Bespoke RPO Services with Real Value»

At Experis we provide an RPO service that fits your needs.

Not only is there real ROI value for our client but we provide experienced recruiters with the back up of our talent mapping and research organization so our clients get a full collaborative engagement that dramatically reduces agency-dependency.

Generate Real Returns


#1 global RPO provider for 4 consecutive years

16.4% market share in RPO

2,500 recruiters globally

30+ multi-country programs

17+ years of experience

170,000 hires annually by RPO

What Makes Us Different?

«A Passionate Fixation on Quality»


Clients utilize our market intelligence to collaborate on talent mapping, qualifying and sourcing top talent. No research team in Japan can come close.


Our clients recognize the difference in quality when engaging Experis on searches. So much so that they typically exclusively use us as their primary agent for key hires in Japan.


Our specialization in technology enables our industry-experienced consultants to deliver the highest “introduction-to-success” ratio in the market.