Fusion-io delivers the world’s data faster. The Fusion ioMemory platform and software defined storage solutions accelerate virtualization, databases, cloud computing, big data and performance applications. From e-commerce retailers to the world’s social media leaders and Fortune Global 500 companies, customers are improving the performance and efficiency of their data centers with Fusion-io technology to accelerate the critical applications of the information economy.


URL: http://www.fusionio.com
Head Office: Salt Lake City, USA
Alviso, USA
Established: 2006 1
Capital: $111,500,000
People: Ted A. Hull, CFO & EVP
David A. Windley, EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
Lee Caswell, Vice President Product Marketing
Daniel E. Stevenson, Acting General Counsel & Secretary
Ian E. Whiting, EVP, Global Field Operations
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