SolidFire is building the first and only primary storage system designed specifically for cloud service providers. Using an all-solid-state, scale-out architecture with patented efficiency technologies for dramatically reduced power, cooling, and capacity consumption, our high-performance and high-efficiency storage solution lets cloud providers guarantee sustained performance to thousands of servers from a single storage system.

Video Content

SolidFire Quality Of Service (QOS) with Dave Wright
Upload QCOW2 File to SolidFire Volume in CloudStack
Extract Data on SolidFire Volume to a QCOW2 File in CloudStack


URL: http://www.solidfire.c...
Head Office: Boulder, USA
Established: 2010 1
Capital: $68,035,000
People: Daniel Berg, VP of Engineering
Jim Burglin, Director of Support and Services
Dave Cahill, Director of Strategic Alliances
Adam Carter, Director of Product Management
Charles Curran, Director
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