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Company brands and life-cycles have a direct and powerful impact on career "brands" and employment market value. Decision-making around career change is important to get right.

At Experis one of our core roles is sharing information with those who seek it and our company directory provides extra value to job seekers who are in the information gathering phase of career change.

Read profiles, follow news feeds, watch video, examine presentations, or explore market information that opens up new insights into our clients and companies of interest.

ManpowerGroup Recognition

«Trust - what our business is built on»


The ManpowerGroup holds it`s people to high standards of ethics and professionalism. These standards are recognized far and wide with ManpowerGroup being ranked year after year as the most ethical, admirable and successful leader in the recruitment industry.

At Experis we abode by these standards to provide unparalleled levels of service.


Agency Recruiting in Japan

«Exclusive & Primary Agent Status»

At Experis our commitment to clients is on quality of introduction, which correlates directly to quality of hire. As our client`s Primary Agent with one of the industry`s leading research teams we do all we can to find high value talent and our industry-experienced consulting team we are well placed to qualify people and jobs to achieve an industry-leading success rate from our introductions.

This is why most clients trust Experis Executive as their Primary Agent in Japan.

Point of Difference

«Why you should talk to us»


ManpowerGroup is regularly recognized as the most admired and most ethical recruitment services company on the globe. At Experis we are bound by the same high expectations for client service and the people we serve, so those we work with feel a strong sense of trust in our partnership.


The information and advice our industry-experienced consultants deliver gives clients and the people we serve confidence in their decision making. We know when someone is or is not a fit for our clients, and vice versa whether a company is the right move for someone. Such advice and expertise to focus on high probability outcomes comes from experience.


Our reputation for quality positions us as our clients primary agent in Japan, meaning we bring people unique job opportunities that regular agents can not always be trusted with. We maintain this position through our focus on delivering professional, quality results for both clients and the people we serve.

Career Coverage

«Accelerating careers»

At Experis our strength is execution of High Value search. The kind of search that has real and lasting positive impact on our client`s business.

This is the kind of search where our ability to source, qualify and convert passive candidates comes to the fore. This is thanks to our industry leading research capability and the industry experience of our consulting team.

Whether a business-critical search in FMCG, luxury, automotive, online brands or technology such as Ad-tech, cloud services, software, infrastructure, network or services, Experis can help.

Thought Leadership

«Shining Light on Trends, Challenges & Solutions»

Every company is facing the same dilemma: how do I remain competitive and execute my business strategy in the face of margin compression, talent shortage and economic uncertainty?

Learn more at about the trends, challenges and solutions that are impacting talent acquisition and business around the world.