Point of Difference

Point of Difference

«Why you should talk to us»


ManpowerGroup is regularly recognized as the most admired and most ethical recruitment services company on the globe. At Experis we are bound by the same high expectations for client service and the people we serve. You can trust us.


The information and advice our industry-experienced consultants deliver gives clients and the people we serve confidence in their decision making. We know when someone is or is not a fit for our clients, and vice versa whether a company is the right move for someone. Such advice and expertise to focus on high probability outcomes comes from experience.


Our reputation for quality positions us as our clients Primary Agent in Japan, meaning we bring people unique job opportunities that regular agents cannot always be trusted with.

What They Say

«Trusted consultants»

"...considerable experience, capability and understanding of the talent landscape in Japan which makes [them] a great partner for any organization wanting to create or expand their operations in the region. Without [their} help Workday would not have grown the way we have so credit to [their] team for the partnership."

Director, EMEA/APAC Talent Acquisition, Workday

“Experis was the first agency we went to in ramping up our Japan operation and they've been an excellent partner - the quality of hires made (sales, engineers and management) has been excellent. Among the agencies we know in Japan, Experis were a natural partner for us as we knew their competency in our general space and even today they are one of our top recruitment partners."

Senior Vice President, Head of Asia-Pacific & Japan, Nutanix

"...taken the time to understand our company’s solutions and vision and act as an excellent spokesperson for us in the field."

Japan Sales Operations VP, VMware

"...one of the top recruiters VMware has worked with, not only in Japan, but across the whole of Asia Pacific." "...exceptional."

Asia-Pacific Talent Acquisition, VMware

"When we decided to open an office in Tokyo, one of our main objectives was to find a reputable staffing agency to help us build out our initial team. As these first few positions would certainly be integral to our success, it was important to me to find an agency that both knew this market and could quickly understand the calibre of candidates we were searching for. After vetting a number of agencies, I was impressed with Experis’ ability to quickly understand our business."

Director of Sales - Asia Pacific at GitHub

ManpowerGroup Recognition

«Trust - what our business is built on»


The ManpowerGroup holds it`s people to high standards of ethics and professionalism. These standards are recognized far and wide with ManpowerGroup being ranked year after year as the most ethical, admirable and successful leader in the recruitment industry.

At Experis we abode by these standards to provide unparalleled levels of service.