Global Talent Shortage Survey, 2015

Wednesday February 3rd, 2016 · by Murray Clarke

Japan is a tough market to hire in. Period.

The image below says it all really. Japan ranks as the most “difficult” country for filling jobs with 83% of business managers citing challenges in Japan, compared to  the global average of 38%, as presented in the latest ManpowerGroup Global Talent Shortage survey.

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The solution to this talent shortage problem lies in being brave enough to move away from “tradition” and the “status quo”

We`ve written a few posts on why Japan is difficult and ultimately it comes down to the fact that your real talent pool is relatively small. Following the standard “post and pray” approach doesn`t work when seeking top quality passive talent. Having a host of agents spam the market with your job doesn`t either. The best people just get hammered and back away, viewing your brand as an employer with suspicion, or at least not as anything particularly “special”.

We favor a different approach that builds some strategy into candidate sourcing and building talent pools to be nurtured. Feel free to ask us about how this works as we are highly confident that in our space, only very few agents are qualified to deliver on this model.


If you are interested to learn more about the Global Talent Shortage survey results from 2015, please visit the ManpowerGroup website.

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