Kevin Lim

Head of Delivery & Operations

Kevin takes the lead in business operations at Experis Executive. These include RPO delivery, candidate delivery, process management, training and development, and reporting. In this role he leverages 18 years of experience in the areas of executive search, venture investing and emerging technologies.

As a headhunter in Banking and Finance, he was consistently ranked by AsiaMoney Headhunter’s Poll (through 2004 to 2010) as Japan’s top headhunter in the areas of Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Credit, and Commodities. He is also the founder of IPC Ventures, a mobile-oriented technology fund which invests in mobile technology startups from around the world, and a founding organizer of Tokyo Sandbox, a Japanese trade show for the gaming industry, held every year in April in Tokyo.

Kevin used to play competitive tennis and relives the good old days by playing competitive video games with his toddler.

Direct phone: 03-6684-0512